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Anonymous writes:
     This is a true story of a wild time my wife and I had last Summer.
First you need to know that my lovely wife is a cute and sexy pre-op transgurl. She has been taking female hormones under doctor's supervision for several years and is to all intents and purposes a female now. Only thing is, she's got a tiny little pink sissy clit smaller than my thumb and an empty little ballsack. I don't want her to attempt the risky and always dangerous surgery to change her clitty into a pussy. as long as her panties are on, you'd never know she's anything but a pretty woman.

I like to show my sexy wife off to other men and sometimes share her dirty mouth with them. She looks SO sexy when she's sucking cock and I enjoy watching her like she's my personal pornstar.
Before we met she had a couple of years of crossdressing and meeting men discretely to suck their cocks. She's an insatiable cocksucking slut and feels her prettiest and girliest when she's got a hard throbbing cock in her mouth. She also is proud of the fact that she always swallows!

Last Summer we were pillow talking about how sexy and nasty it is for her to suck a man's cock while I watch her and encourage her. We are both white and she's always had a thing for ethnic guys. She's never had the mythical big black cock but has sucked off latino guys and has a real yearning for Asian cock. I thought it would be very sexy for her to suck her first Asian cock and the area where we live has lots of Asian folks of all different countries and cultures.

Eventually I placed an ad on the now gone Craigslist stating that we are a married male/trans couple looking for an Asian guy for her to suck. As you can imagine, we got many replies and I took a few days to cull out the best and most interesting ones. One in particular captured our imagination. It was from an Asian guy who wanted to get his cock sucked but he said he usually liked to play with his cousin along for the fun. He sent me pix of himself and his cousin doing double penetrations of beautiful Asian slutty girls and also their cock pix, hard and soft.
My wife and I thought this might be a really hot and sexy opportunity and I wrote some back and forth emails to determine if these guys were for real and if they seemed to be the kind of guys we'd have fun with.
After a few days we decided to get together. The fellows both are in their 20s and work regular jobs, so we decided to meet after they got off from work, around 6:30pm. I reserved a room at a decent motel in the next town over from where we live. That adds to my wife's excitement; she likes the idea of being used in a motel like a cheap whore. Some more background about my lovely wife: She's very, very submissive and loves being used and humiliated, called filthy names and some rough sex and being used as a sex object. The more a man uses and abuses her and insults her, the better she likes it.

The guy I was corresponding with asked about how far we wanted to go and if there were limits to the verbal abuse. He wondered if we drew the line at words like "cunt" and "bitch" and "whore". I assured him that she would love to have his cock in her drooling mouth while he held her hair in his hand and called her a cocksucking little cunt. I was excited at the prospect of seeing her on her knees with two hard Asian cocks rubbing her face and coating her lips with pre-cum. I don't think I'm bi since even the handsomest guys don't do anything for me, but I do get excited seeing my wife sucking cocks and I do like to kiss her wet and nasty lips. I guess it's kind of proof that she's a slutty, sexy MILF when I see her face wet with a man's juice and taste it directly from her face and mouth.

So the day came when we were going to do it. I had rented a room and we got there a little early. I wanted my wife to have the time to dress really slutty and to over-do her makeup, tease her long hair, etc. so she'd look as sultry and slutty as possible when the men arrived. We also had some legal-in-our-state marijuana to relax and excite us both. Oh, and I took a cialis to ensure a good hard cock for myself!

When we were ready for the main attraction I sat in the big comfy armchair and had my slut between my legs licking my balls and glossing her lips with my pre-cum. She's extremely oral and loves licking and sucking and tasting manly men. Makes her feel like a naughty little sissy girl and gets her excited. I thought it would be fun to have her greet the guys with her mouth already a little dirty.
Finally there was a text on my phone that the guys were outside in the parking lot. I wanted to go and meet them to ensure that they were the guys I'd been emailing and that they seemed to be nice guys who would enjoy some sex with my wife but not overdo it or endanger her. The fellows seemed even nicer and a little shyer than I expected, so I told them we were ready to get on with the fun.

I led the guys into our room, where they were met by the sight of my pretty wife sitting on the bed dressed in a micro-mini skirt, thigh high fishnet stockings and a white schoolgirl blouse tied up under her nice puffy little titties.
We could see she was wearing lacey hot pink panties and her smooth thighs were exposed above the stockngs.
I forgot to mention that my wife is fully shaved and smooth all over. I mean ALL over. She's soft and smooth like a little girl and enjoys when men grab and fondle her legs and ass. She's got small but delightful titties and hard little nipples that stand up tall when she's excited, and she was excited now!

She stood up and slowly walked up to greet our guests. The guys looked like they'd won a prize at a carnival. They were actually sporting a couple of bumps in their jeans when she came over to us and reached down with each hand to rub the front of their jeans.
"She really wants the cock!" said the first guy, Justin. He introduced himself and his cousin, Ricky. The guys spent a few minutes telling her how pretty she is and how sexy and femmy. They told her they couldn't wait to feed her some cock and see for themselves what a slutty whore she was.

Me and the guys took off our shoes, socks and pants and just left on our tee shirts. That's another thing that excites my wife. She likes it when guys just drop their pants and don't even bother to take off their shirts. That way there's no pretense of any sort of "lovemaking". This isn't about love - it's all about lust, plain and simple.
She likes it when the men totally there for one thing - to use her filthy mouth as a spare cunt and to blow their loads down her throat or on her face. She's different from lots of girls that way too - many girls think a facial is disrespectful and insulting. My wife loves the degrading nature of it. She likes when men use her mouth and blow their loads on her face and call her a dirty, nasty good for nothing slut.
She loves being told that the only thing she's good for is sucking cock and eating cum.

I took her in my arms and lifted her skirt so the guys could get a great look at her panty covered ass. Beckoned them closer and had them each grab a handful of her ass while I continued to tongue kiss her. I told her that she's beautiful and sexy and that she was gonna show us what a slut she really is. She murmured how she was so turned on and thanked me for setting up this blowbang adventure. Then I untied her blouse and took it off, revealing her 34AA titties and her rock hard nipples. I told her to take off her sexy heels and to get on the floor like the cocksucking slut she is.
Next I stepped right next to her, took my cock in my hand and lifted it and told her to show the guys what a slut does best. She immediately began licking my balls and sucking first one and then the other into her mouth. She was kind of panting and moaning and making a show of how much she was enjoying sucking my balls.
I told her to show our friends how good she licks balls too. I had told the guys that obviously I wanted them to be clean, but not shower fresh. After a day's work they should be just a little sweaty and musky so she'd get their scent all over her face and mouth. It's always exciting to kiss her and taste and smell her cock-breath.

Pretty quickly the scene got everyone excited and we men were sporting hard-ons that needed attention.
I had the guys get on either side of my wife and rub their drooling cocks on her cheeks and lips. She kept trying to catch each cock in her mouth but the guys were having fun teasing her, letting her get a quick lick or suck and then taking them away, making her beg for them.
It was very hot hearing my wife breathlessly begging, saying things like, "Please feed me that cock!" and "I need to drink your cum!" Meanwhile, I was kissing her neck and cheeks and telling her how hot and sexy she looked, how beautiful she looked with cock in her mouth.
It didn't take long for Ricky to start breathing fast and he said he was almost ready to cum. He asked her where she wanted it and she took her lips off his cock just long enough to say in a sexy, throaty voice, "Cum in my mouth, please..." That pretty much did it for Ricky and he shuddered as he filled my slut's mouth with his first load. The guys had said they could probably both cum at least twice and they proved to be right.
She normally takes loads right down her throat and swallows immediately but I had already warned her that I wanted to see the cum in her filthy mouth. She sat back on her haunches and looked up at the three of us horny guys and opened her mouth. We saw her tongue covered in pearly white cum and she swished it around her mouth, then swallowed when I told her to do it.

Justin was really getting into the role play of using this little white cunt and he took her by the hair and slapped his dripping cock on her face. He told her she's a "...worthless fucking white cunt, a fucking pig for Japanese cock. He made her suck his balls some more and surprised me by turning around, bending over and telling her to "Lick my asshole, you cunt!" My slut shuddered with excitement and used both hands to spread his slim cheeks. She dove in between his asscheeks and licked all up and down his sweaty crack! Then she stuck out her tongue and drove it right up his asshole!
"That's right, you cunt. Shove your filthy tongue up my shitpipe!" His face was a grimace of lust as he enjoyed a fantastic rim job. My slut loves it when I eat her out and make her open her ass as wide as possible for my tongue to thrust up inside her. She loves it even better when she's the one doing the tongue fucking. Makes her super excited to be used and humiliated and degraded like that.
Within a matter of minutes Justin announced that he was ready to cum too. He turned around and thrust his cock into her mouth and told her to "Take my load, you fucking whore!"
He pumped about 4 or 5 times and filled her mouth so that some cum even leaked out past the sides of her mouth and dripped down onto her titties. I was right behind him and as soon as she showed us his cum in her mouth, I blasted my own load on her chest, further splattering her sweet little titties with man juice.

My wife's little sissy clitty was as hard as it ever gets and was actually dripping a little pre-cum. Since she's been on so much female hormones for so long, she's all shrunken to nothing and can never actually spurt any cum ever again. She does have great and powerful orgasms, but the feeling is deep inside her belly like a girl cums. Her little clitty really is like a girl's clit - I rub it just right and it makes her cum in her tummy.
After her excellent performance with the guys I had her sucking Ricky's revived cock while I rubbed and diddled her sissy clitty for her. She was cumming when Ricky gave her his second load in her mouth. She actually slumped over sideways and some of his cum drooled out the side of her mouth. I kissed her and tasted and smelled the cock and cum scent on her and my cock throbbed for some more attention.
Meanwhile, Justin had also recovered and he was stroking his cock, taking aim at my wife. He told her to sit back and to open her mouth. He wanted to shoot his load right onto her tongue and he did a pretty good job of it. He did splash a little on her cheek and a spurt into her hair as well. When he was done she looked like a thoroughly used up whore.

While Justin was getting his second load out Rickey was pulling on his clothes and getting ready for a quick exit. Justin grabbed his underwear and got dressed quickly too. Now that they had both cum twice the guys seemed just a little shy about what they'd done and how crudely they'd used my wife. I assured them that we'd had a great time and maybe we could do it again sometime. As soon as the guys left I joined my wife, who was now lying on the bed and idly rubbing one of her tits while also rubbing her little clitty. She reached down to take my cock in her hot little hand and we kissed long and deep. After a while I told her to put my cock in her mouth and show me again what a nasty cocksucking sissy bitch she is. I had my second cum shortly after that and she swallowed it right down as usual.
After that she came back up to lie her head on my shoulder while I cuddled her and told her that she's the sexiest wife in the world. She thanked me for letting her have this slutty adventure and said she has the best husband in the world too.
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