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Anonymous writes:
     I'm a guy in my early 20s. In the past, I have formed online friendships with girls from all around the world and I eventually got 3, regular everyday girls to send me their used underwear for free.

My fetish is to receive worn, DIRTY panties from hot chicks. I fucking love the smell of pussy, love the smell of fabric that came into contact with their butthole region, etc.

So... one day a couple weeks ago, I said to myself: Fuck it. I love dirty panties, but it's such a time consuming process to get them from people I know. I turned to craigslist. I posted a unique ad which was calling for a "panty drop." Basically... I described that I lived on a well populated street, in a not-so-creepy-or-isolated house.

I said that I would leave $40 in my mailbox. And all they would have to do was drive to my house, put their worn underwear in a plastic bag, take the money and pull away.

First and foremost I was seeking a chick to do the drop herself and I wanted to chat with them online briefly + see a pic of them. I started to get e-mails from boyfriends and husbands who told me they had access to their significant other's hamper and how they could probably pull it off and swing by discreetly. Some even responded but they wanted me to come to them and pick it up and they promised not to "judge" me. I was thanks. I can't imagine how awkward that would be.

Anyway, I get an email from this 39-year-old woman. She shows me her picture. She's naturally beautiful and says how she may be 39 but she feels 29. Boy, she looked 29 or younger... it was surreal. I couldn't believe a chick like this would responding to my ad. She starts questioning me if I'm for real or if this is a scam-- she can't comprehend how a 20-something year old guy like me would pay for worn underwear. I told her I wanted them really dirty and she backed out at first saying she felt uncomfortable and couldn't wear them long enough to make me happy. She was supposed to come one day and said she had to work at the last minute.

Fast forward a few days later and I'm emailing her again telling her how everyone is being flakey on me. I tell her if she comes tonight, I'd up it to $50 since I was desperate. I live with someone else and I only had 2 days out of the week where the house was completely mine to do this. She responds with one line "I'll be there at 8:45"

...AND SHE WAS! Not a minute late. I was peeking out my window with the lights off and she pulled into my driveway like she owned the place. I couldn't see the drop from my window but I saw her leave. I waited 5mins and went outside to check. I was hoping I didn't get ripped off. Thankfully, I didn't! The money was gone and there was a manila envelope with her panties inside. They were damp as fuck and smelled lovely... I hear she removed them in her car. She is a mother and also has a boyfriend whom she lives with so she wanted this kept extra discreet and never wanted him to find out obviously.

15mins later, she sent me an e-mail again and I replied with a very sincere thank you, that said:
"if you ever want to make some more money... a lot more... I have some ideas :) ...I apologize in advance if I sound sleazy or if you're not into it... but I felt comfortable asking now that I know you're trustworthy. If I don't hear back from you, thank you for everything."

She responded and wanted to know what I had in mind.
She was totally fucking game! Needless to say, I'm not ready/comfortable telling the rest on a site like this yet, but a 2nd part may come in the future.

I will say one last thing. A week later turned out to be the best, most crazy night of my life. And to think this all happened from a craigslist post over some panties. . .
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