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Anonymous writes:
     A week or so ago, I wrote about how I would go to the adult bookstore to get blow jobs. Then, I gave my first blow job and loved it. So, I have gone back four times since and sucked several cocks, seven I think. One cock was very big and belonged to a drunk young man who cummed a quart or so. The reason I writing today is becuase I have gone to the next level, I guess. On saturday night ( I was suppose to be out playing cards with my work buddies), I went to the bookstore at about 11:00 p.m. That is when I sucked that nice young man. But, after that, this guy is about to put his cock through the hole, but first puts on a condom. Well, sucking it was not fun. he asks if he can come into my booth. I say yes. Well, he takes off his shirt and mine, too. we both have our pants down and are stroking each other. he starts to kiss my neck, then my mouth. my first gay french kiss. Then, he goes down on me. while sucking me, he starts to diddle my butthole. then, he turns me around, and instructs me to bendover. I am getting my butthole licked, and it feels great. he continues to stroke my cock from between my legs. then, his finger is in my butt. then, I think, i get two fingers in my butt while my cock is getting stroked. it is feeling great. he stands up, starts kissing me again, and tells me that he really wants to fuck me. While the butt play felt great, I was nervous. but, he is not waiting for me to say "yes." he again turns me around and tell me to bend over the chair. I comply. I feel his cock at my butt. then, he starts moving in and out easily. it took a minute or two, but he gets the full lenght of his cock into my butt. he grabbed me by the hips and started to fuck me, softly. At first it felt uncomfortable, but I loved the way his was dominating me by just taking my ass. after a while it starts to feel really good, and I realize that I am stroking my cock. Then, he spanks my ass, but not hard, just a light smack. I have no idea how long he fucked me, but when cums, he is really fucking me hard, and it starts to hurt. after he cums, he tells me to get on my knees and he pulls of his condom over my face spilliing his cum on my face, and then has me suck his cock softly. then, I stand up, and he kisses me again, and pulls out some tissue and starts to clean up my face. he continues to kiss me for several minutes, and strokes my cock. he makes me cum. He tells me thatI was a great, and pulls out a business card and asks me to call him. my butthole was sore a day, but I kind of like it. I loved just be taked,. so, I called him yesterday, and I am meeting him today at his place. I'll keep you informed.
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This was hot lol
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