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Anonymous writes:
     I was horny one night and I responded to an ad from a guy who wanted to do a mutual jo. I got to his house and we sat down in his living room. He sat in a lounge chair and I sat on the sofa. He put on a porno movie and we watched as this knock out aisian chick slowly deep throated a huge cock. I looked over at him and noticed that he had his gym shorts down and was massaging his huge semi erect cock through a jock strap as he intently watched the movie.

I found this arousing and started rubbing my own cock through my pants. He looked at me and said "do you think she's hot?" wouldn't you like that to be your cock she's sucking on?" I said yes I sure would. He then pulled his jock strap aside and revealed a hard thick 9" cock and tight round balls. He grabbed some shampoo that was on the table and squirted some on his cock and started sliding his hand slowly up and down it.

I pulled out my own cock witch was now rock hard and started to slowly jack off too. I was excited from the squishing sound his hand made as he pumped his rock hard dick. I got brave enough to ask him if he'd ever let anyone else jack him off and he said that one time his sister did it for him many years ago. I found this to be kind of strange and repulsive but I figured what the hell. Then he asked if I would do to him like his sister did. I said sure and came over to him and knelt beside the chair and stroked his cock while we watched the movie. After a while he started moaning and thrusting his huge cock through my gripping hand. He said he was going to cum and I put my other hand on his chest and then I felt his cock pulsing in my hand as it pumped huge globs of cum on to my hand and his chest..

He then asked me if I would like to fuck his mouth and I said sure and stood up and guided my cock between his lips. I slowly started to work my way down his throat and the slurping and light mmf mmmm he made was turning me on totally. Soon I was stroking my full 8 inches in and out of his mouth and throat. I said "here it comes" and he let go of my cock and held his mouth in place as he moaned mm hmm mm hmm acknowledging his desire to let my load pump into his mouth.

As I came, he put both hands on my hips to draw me closer as I came very hard and he swallowed my load. Then I split.
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Oh i love getting my face fucked. Just open up and let em thrust till im choking. My spit is making it real slick and like you did they say here goes and unload down my throat. I milk their cock with my asshole too.
Man, what a story! It got me hard just reading it.
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