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Anonymous writes:
Hai friends I am Nico 35 year from Sacramento California, am working in
software company, i am white my wife is Arab from Syria she is 26 year, I given my wife to my boss companies effect economic crisis, my boss protect my job, 4 week before he saw my wife in
my office and he told me, you are a lucky man you got a beautiful Arab hijab wife,
and I am really like ur wife, I really want to meet ur wife and dinner with her,
I didn't say nothing, because of my situation, every day he told me these words,
in last Saturday was boss birthday party at his beach villa at Sonoma County,
he invite us, Saturday evening I called my wife told her today night boss birth day party at his beach villa u ready
for that ok, we reached his villa after 8ock, it was great birthday party, his many friend are there,
he come down invite us, he offer me drink
for us, she not drink alcohol, I took some drink, I know that boss want to flirt with My wife,
after 11ock party almost over, I told my wife I forgot something in my office I want to go and get that it's important
for tomorrow presentation, wife mad at me she tell me she wanna come with me I told her u wait I will come back with
in hours she going really mad at me get inside, I told my boss I am going,
come back soon, (he got that point) before starting my car am look inside he offered drink to her she start drinking,
I am take my car away from the parking area, park near to road and come back,
after half hour, everybody is going, I am wait near to beach, I am start smoking,
I can saw clear inside home and, when I saw boss and my wife alone in the couch,
he flirting with her she drinking, he slowly touch her hand and up touch her face and finger move on the lip,
I saw that she actually enjoying that moment, slowly kiss her lip, then he using tongue to tongue kiss hardly and slowly remove her hijab dress and remove her bra and panty kiss her tits and kissing slowly down kiss near her pussy and kiss her ass,
he take her hand to his dick she start moving dick, she sit-up start suck his dick and ball after blow job,
she slowly lying on the couch in naked in that time he going inside and come back with some net type of dress given to her,
she start ware that dress he help her the he took some picture of her, she is in seduced mood, take her in his bedroom
after 4ock, I get inside his house saw she drank faint and remove her hijab dress,
ware some sexy dress I took her to home, morning she woke up tell I am sorry
for last night, she didn't know clearly, what happen last night, In Monday boss really happy at me,
share me some pictures, my wife remove hijab, he give sexy dress, she ware, sex with my wife,
he didn't know I was there that's all friends
iam not a good writer I know that,
thanks, Nico
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