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Anonymous writes:
     I've seen a lot of Str8 guys being serviced by Older men type of porn on the net & I figured I'd give it a go. I posted an ad on CL and in no time I had several replies of cum-hungry daddy types. I scanned through what I deemed as the most safe among all of the replies and met this much older man after my college classes the next evening.

He had a great looking house, very clean and large. He had a 'special' room that he had me go into. I removed my pants and boxer briefs and laid back on his comfortable bed. He dimmed the lights and had me select some porn to watch. Instantly I was in the mood and became rock hard.

He crawled into bed and dived quickly between my legs, tossing both over his shoulders as he began to kiss and lick my upper, inner thighs, while his hands explored my balls and pulsing cock. I was enjoying myself so much that I could not stop myself from placing my hands onto his silvery hair and guiding him to my attention-craving dick. He gave a short, quiet laugh and suddenly without warning, took all of me into his mouth.

I could not believe how this much older man had so much energy! His head was moving furiously as he sucked and tongued my cock! He surprised me by taking me all down to my base! I could feel his tongue exploring all around my hard dick and slip out, brushing my taint as he continued to relentlessly suck on me! I almost thought this silver fox would suck the soul right out of me from between my clenching thighs!

After what seemed as a blissful eternity, I felt myself ready to explode! He knew it too, as he did not stop or slow down. In fact it seemed as he was trying to suck harder, palming my balls as his head bobbed furiously up and down on my cock. I yelped aloud "I'm cumming! I'm gonna cum man!" I heard him mumble around my cock in acknowledgement. I did not need to be told twice and I let it go!

I could feel myself drain into his wet, hot mouth! Oh my god it felt amazing. He continued to slurp as it shot the back of his throat as if he could not get enough of me. After I was finally finished blowing an incredibly large and thick load down this daddy's throat, he began to lick my shaft and balls, possibly making sure he didn't miss one single drop of my boy-cum.

Needless to say, this arrangement lasted through 2 semesters, until he moved to a much warmer state. Wish I could find another like this cock-hungry, Silver-Fox of a daddy!
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Fucking hot man
Hot! Wish I could find a young guy like you
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