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Anonymous writes:
     I have been a single mother for about six years now and raising a teenage son has been hard but still I try to do my best. I wanted to celebrate his birthday not to long ago so he invited some of his friends over. Everyone had a wonderful time and at the end of the night my son asked if some of his friends could sleep over. I didnt see any harm in that so I let him.
After cleaning up a bit I went to my bedroom, changed my clothes and slipped into a white T-shirt and fell into a deep sleep. However, sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and saw something amazing happening. There next to my face was one if my son's young friends stroking what must have been a fat,thick eight inch cock! His plum size cockhead was brushing up against my lips as he jacked his thick rod furiously. I hadn't seen a cock that size ever in my entire life and before long my body began to betray me and my pussy began to get wet as he beat himself off rubbing his pre cum against my lips. Before long I could not contain myself any longer and I parted my lips slightly giving the young man what he needed. In one swift movement he rammed his cock into my mouth and erupted a lava flow of his thick cum into my awaiting mouth. I swallowed what I could of his thick nectar allowing the rest to flow down the sides of my mouth. His body spasmed as he emptied all the cum he had stored in his big soft balls. Once he was done he ran away into my sons bedroom leaving my mouth full of his warm salty jizz. I swallowed what i could and rubbed the rest against my pussy erupting in my own orgasm.
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We have had similar experiences in our house, when our kids were still at home.
Wow. You made me blow my load!! Awesome story.
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