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Anonymous writes:
     I've been doing nursing for a few years now but recently I saw something I had never seen before. Last month I got a job as a school nurse in a private school for girls. A student had walked in complaining about pain to her lower abdomen so I told her to sit down so I could exam her. I knelt down in front of the young girl and started pressing on her stomach only getting a response when I pressed under her belly. I told her she was going to have to take her top off so I could get a better look. She removed it exposing her flat stomach with a piercing on her belly button. As I began pressing lower I noticed her plaid skirt beginning to lift. Curious I told her if it was OK I looked under her skirt? She began blushing and bit down on her lower lip looking around as if she was nervous. It's OK, I told her.
I picked it up only to see an amazing sight. There pointing straight towards my face was a long eight inch cock! I was shocked!
Your uhhhh...boy?
He looked down at me and said, please dont say anything ma'am.
Well he certainly had me fooled and in the end he told me he was going through the proccess of becoming a woman.
I think i know what the pain your having is, I told him/her.
I hadnt noticed that my 36D cleavage was showing and he was staring at it. So i put on some gloves and told him I was going to give him a physical. I put some gloves on and grabbed his soft balls and gripped his hard cock. I got closer to exam it only to get the suprise of my life. As i was looking at it he erupted in a massive stream of cum! Thick streaks of cum began showering my face and breasts as his body convulsed subsiding from the immense orgasm. I looked up at the young TS covered in his warm cum.
Im so sorry ma'am, he said.
I got up and walked over to the bathroom and started wiping off some of his Cum but at the same time I began licking it off my lips and breasts. Never had I had anyone shoot so much Cum on me.
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