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Anonymous writes:
     I decided to go out for a late night jog at the park one night. After a good thirty minutes I sat down on a bench for a breather and thought I heard something in the bushes next to me. I turned around and noticed a young black boy standing next to a huge brush. He was wearing some baggy pants and a white muscle shirt but that wasn't what caught my eye, what really caught my attention was the long 8 inch cock that he was stroking. I was amazed at it's length for a young man his height, he must have been 5'5 while I stood a good 6'0. Still I had never seen another guy jacking off and starring at me as if they wanted to fuck the shit out of me. Suddenly I heard him speak:
Oh Yeah Daddy wants my big cock doesn't he?
Hearing him talk dirty to me was getting my own cock rock hard under my shorts. Then in one quick movement the young man ran up to me, shoved his long meat into my open mouth and erupted a massive load of his young salty cum into it. His creamy jizz was so much that I could literally feel it flowing down my throat causing me to swallow his white creamy cum. The funny thing is that I enjoyed every last drop of it. When he was done he pulled out his semi hard cock out of my mouth and looked down and my big boner hiding under my shirts and pulled it out.
The young man stared at it with amazement in his green eyes. I was afraid someone was going to see us so I got up and went into the brush where he was at and proceed to stroke my cock as he fell to his knees. I looked down at the young stud as he tried hard to take my pulsating cockhead into his mouth. I then grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his mouth as he massaged my big balls and gave me my first BJ from another male. I was already so turned on that it didn't take long for me to explode my big load into his mouth. I grunted as the young stud gagged on my massive load. I collapsed as my knees got weak from the sensation of the orgasm. When I looked up I saw him standing with another hard on and he turned me over on my stomach and proceeded to lick my ass which I can say felt good. Then I felt him rubbing his cockhead against my shit hole,
Does Daddy want my cock, he asked.
Yes, I begged.
With that being said he took it upon himself to begin devirginizing me right there in the park. I could feel his soft balls bouncing against my own as he fucked me doggie style with no remorse. Within minutes I heard him moan something I will never forget.
Oh I'm going to cum in ur ass!!
I could actually feel him shooting strings of his cum in my ass and believe it or not that brought me over the edge and made me cum myself.
As you might believe I go to that park more often now.
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Made my pussy wet
sounds to good to be true !
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