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Anonymous writes:
     Little camflower
Whenever its possible I show myself on my webcam when I masturbate. One evening I was on Camflower and the face of a blonde young girl showed up. She was totally naked and her skin was beautifully white. We waved at each other and she visibly enjoyed watching me stroking my hard cock and touching my balls. She smiled cheerfully when she looked at the screen and I got excited seeing her pretty face and the horny expression in her eyes that I could almost hear my heart pumping. I saw her teeny tits with the stiff pink buds standing upright in the centre of her little acute areola. From time to time she turned around and presented her little butt face down so I could see the tiny asshole in her buttcrack and her slit with the pink pussylips and the swollen clit showing from under its hood like a pearl. I told her when I was close to cum and I saw her pretty face again when she turned around to look at her screen. I zoomed in on my cock and she watched curiously my ejaculation which came like a fountain splashing all over my belly. The she zapped me away.
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