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Anonymous writes:
     I am a bisexual male, my wife knows this about me, but she has never made it known to me that she is ok with this side of me. Sex for us was minimal but my urges were increasing on a daily basis. I started checking out the m4m casual encounters and would answer a few ads just to make contact and see where it would go. Most just emailed a few times but then i wouldnt hear any more. The guys who responded with wanting to hook up "now" were the ones where my self control went out the window and i made it happen. My wife would be at work, visiting family, or at home. I would make an excuse to go somewhere alone and end up at a guys place for mutual blow jobs or sex. There were only a few that when i got there i either turned around and left or after being there a few minutes i would leave, most reasons i felt uneasy. The ads i would answer that ended in sexual encounters were the ones that didnt involve planning of any sort. I had quite a few encounters that were exactly what i needed to fulfill my urges of mm activity. And no my wife hasnt found out about this.
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