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Anonymous writes:
     One morning I was super horny and needing a blow job really really bad.
I am bisexual and have quickly realized that men are pretty much a guarantee for sexual adventures.
So I hopped on Craigslist and began surfing the ads for someone near me.
At the time it was like 2009 and I was in my late 20's and found a guy in his late 40's whose ad stated that he was looking to suck some cock. We emailed for a bit and I discovered that he lived about 10 minutes from me so although I was nervous as hell (living with a girlfriend at the time) ,I decided to go do it.
I found his place easily and approached the door and knocked, he opened the door and I found a late 40's man with rather white hair but still in good shape. We shook hands and exchanged awkward greetings, as I turned to close the door behind me he rubbed his hand across my crotch and gave my already semi hard cock a good feel. I've encountered this many times, I suppose if you rub someones junk and they don't react badly, then they're not there to harm you.
"So where you wanna do this...lead the way", I said to him as he seemed relieved that I was not interested in small talk. He told me to follow him and began walking up the stairs that were to the left of the front door.
We walked down a hall and he led me into his master bedroom. It was nice and clean and well decorated which put me at ease.
I began undressing and putting my clothes on a chair in the corner of the room. As soon as I was naked I hopped onto the bed and laid back. I find random encounters extremely erotic so my cock was completely hard and at its full glory.
It measures out at a solid 7.5 inches when rock hard. In preparation I had given my balls a fresh shave and my pubes a good trim, also I shaved my asshole in hopes this dude would lick it and finger it for me.
He watched me undress and get onto the bed with hunger in his eyes which also turned me on, I love to be watched by someone who is enjoying what they see. He got mostly naked leaving his briefs on and crawled onto the bed keeping his eyes on my cock that I am squeezing and slightly playing with. He kissed the tip and rubbed some precum on his lips and began moaning.
Told me that I've got the perfect size cock for sucking and proceeded to lick up and down the shaft while using his hand to slightly stroke it around the base.
He was coming at me from the side so I started rubbing his very hairy chest full of white hairs and tugging on his nipples while he worked my cock in and out of his mouth. I slid my hand down to his briefs and began rubbing his hard cock through his underpants. It felt nice and thick, which is strange because if someone leaves on their underwear, that typically means that they've got a small cock and are embarrassed to have it out.
So I told him to get naked so I can play with his cock.
He then slid himself off the bed and stood up and removed his stupid white briefs and his thick uncut 6.5 inch flopped out. The way I was looking at it and smiling made him realize that I was enjoying the sight of his cock. And I was, I love an older guy with thick uncut cocks....what can I say?
So he climbed back up onto the bed and crawled up to where his knees were pinning my arms down in the bicep area and had his cock in my face. "MMMM, you like that don't you", he said in a sexy deep playful voice. He was stroking it in my face with the tip so very close to my lips and I was opening my mouth as an invitation for him to slide it in, but he didn't, he just slapped me in the face with it and rubbed the tip around my lips.
He then moved his legs off my arms and I immediately grabbed that thick cock and put it in my mouth and slid it in until I gagged and held it so I could slide my tongue out to lick his old sagging balls.
He fucked my face for a few minutes before he pulled out and reminded me that I came here so he could suck my cock and proceeded to work himself down my body kissing and licking everything that got in his path. His white beard and chest hair was scratchy and tickly but so manly and it felt so good. Then I felt that warm wet mouth power sucking me to the base of my cock. It felt so amazing, he worked my cock like a pro while his strong hands massaged my legs and chest and feet and arms.
I was feeling an orgasm beginning and wasn't ready to cum yet so I asked " do you like to eat ass?", he smiled and spread my legs apart, holding me behind my knees.
He really really really liked to eat ass because he started tongue fucking my shaved hole and breathing heavy. Its like with that question I had awakened the eating and licking ass was his most favorite thing to do EVER.
He completely forgotten my cock and was focused solely on my tight virgin hole. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it furiously while he went buck wild on my hole. I felt that orgasm coming on again and I guess he felt it as my ass clenched around his finger so he stopped and crawled back up and slid that thick beautiful cock in my mouth again, it was dripping with precum and tasted perfect as he fucked my face and slapped those big old balls against my chin.
My need to orgasm faded once again and sensing this he crawled back down and lick and kissed all of the precum off the tip of my throbbing meat.
He then grabbed my legs and twisted me over so that I was laying on my chest. Then he truly went to work on my ass, spreading my cheeks and tongue fucking the hell out of me. I could literally feel his tongue getting and inch or so inside of me and it felt amazing.
I don't know how much time passed as he kept my spread and kept power fucking my ass with his tongue, but I wished it would never end, and he kept me from cumming because I couldn't get a good angle to stroke myself off.
Then he stopped and I could feel him running his tongue and beard up my crack up my back to the back of my neck. He was nibbling on my neck and shoulders when I felt something big slide into my ass.
He had slid the tip of his cock in me effortlessly, it went right in.
Which was strange because at this point I was an anal virgin. Sure I had fingered myself and used toys, but nothing as thick as his cock. All that work he was dong down there really relaxed and loosened me up.
He asked if it was ok and I told him that I had never been fucked and was nervous. He reached over into his nightstand and got some lube out and dripped some on my hole(which in hindsight i didn't need, but at the time it made me more confident that I could take it), he then worked the lube into my hole and massaged it loose again and climbed back up on top of me. I was laying flat face down with my face in the pillow with a late 40's frosted white older guy on me. He slid the tip in nice and slow and it felt beautiful, he treated me so gently and worked it in nice and slow.
I can not describe how amazing it felt to have that giant cock in me, it was at least 6 inches thick but as it got in there it didn't hurt at all. Before I knew it he had picked up the pace and it felt even better.
He pulled out and grabbed my hips and pulled me up to my hands and knees so it was a true doggy style pounding.
He slid it back in no problem and resumed fucking me deep and true. From between my legs I could watch his balls slap against mine as he penetrated my no longer virgin ass over and over again. He was reaching around and squeezing my dick and talking nasty to me, calling me a little slut.
I guess he felt me wanting to cum again so he pulled out and flipped me around so I was laying on my back again.
He stoop up on the bed and walked up and told me to open my fucking mouth as he squatted down and dipped those balls in my mouth and instructed me to suck em nice and hard.
He grabbed his balls and squeezed them so the testicles were nice and full and proceeded to rub them around my lips and on my face.
After he was done he got back down on the bed and grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart. He lifted me up and told me to put a pillow under my lower back which I did. I would have done ANYTHING he wanted at this point.
"Oh my god you are such a hot little whore", he said as he pressed the tip of his cock against my hungry hole and spit on the place where my ass and his cock met. Then he rubbed the spit around and slid the tip inside of me again slowly to make sure I was still nice and loose.
"FUCK ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER!", I screamed at him as he slid in and grabbed my ankles and spread me wide again. I can still remember his big balls slapping against my ass.
I was beating my dick furiously with my right hand and running my left hand through his thick chest hair and moaning. I was having a constant orgasm at this point without any ejaculating, IT FELT SO GOOD.
But then the orgasm came and I came what seemed to be 5 feet in the air as it rained down on my face and chest and his bed.
My ass must have clenched around him good because he started moaning and fucking me SUPER HARD...just POUNDING POUNDING POUNDING until he pulled out and stood over me and knelt down over my face and came all over my face and in my mouth and then he slid that cock in my mouth and made me clean it up which I did eagerly.
I sucked him dry and licked him clean as he collapsed next to me exhausted saying that "its been so long, that was so good".
It was easily the hottest man on man encounter that I;ve ever had and I think about it to this day from time to time while I stroke one out.
We got dressed, cleaned up, and I left.
Didn't get a name or a number and soon after my girlfriend hacked the email account that I was using so I never saw him again.
But it was great, I simply went to get a quick BJ and leave, but I got something so much better instead!
Writing this has me hard now,
perhaps I should log onto craigslist and find someone to take care of this feeling?
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This is an awesome story. I got so hard just reading it and pretending that I was you getting my ass pounded for the first time. Thanks and hope to see more from you.
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