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Anonymous writes:
     I met Nikkie at the bar one night and called her after my wife went to bed, picked her up went down to the beach. She had no problem with me being married and started kissing me. I slid my hand down her pants and found her pussy already sloppy wet, we both took our pants off. I knew there was no going back and that I didn't bring any protection, but Nikkie said her tubes were tied so I got between her legs. I could smell her vag which I find extremely hot, especially unwashed, dirty pussy. Being a little nervous about actually fucking another woman made me a bit limp, until warm, sticky wet pussy forced me hard and in. She was so so tight it was like the first time again. Her pussy was 100 times tighter than my wife's and every time I hit her cervix, she moaned. I went balls deep, banging her cervix with every thrust and cummed as deep inside her as I could. We talked for a few minutes before I pulled out then 20 more, Nikkie still in the same position with her cum filled vagina. Everything we talked about is a blur, the only thing I could think was that I just cummed inside a woman who I trusted to be telling the truth about having her tubes tied. I just kept thinking the more she sits like that, if she lied about her tubes being tied, my sperm are swimming around in her uterus by now. By the time I dropped her off it was likely in her an hour, just the majority.

The next day I fucked my wife before I washed the cheating off, she somehow didn't smell the pungent pussy all over my cock. It was so dirty knowing another Nikkie's pussy juice was all over my cock and I was fucking my wife with the our sex mess. I kept dreaming as I fucked her that it was Nikkie's tight pussy since my wife's pussy is so loose.

My wife's pussy is like rolling a hot dog down a hallway. Nikkie's pussy was soaking wet, warm, smelly, tasty, felt amazing all that with having 3 kids to my wife's 1. I would rather keep cheating on my wife and fuck Nikkie's perfect pussy rather than my wife's loose cunt.
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