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Anonymous writes:
     We live on a farm on the east coast of the US. My wife and I have had a very " adventurous " sex life , over the 48 years that we have been married. We are very close to one couple that we knew from high school , so many years ago. As we grew older, we always made sure that the four of us would get together and fuck our brains out at least once a week. ( more if we could ). We both have three kids, so it was a challenge when they were young. We were very inventive. We are all BI, so it has been a wonderful life experience. She is very small . About 4 ft' 10 in. Around 95 lbs. She has one of the sweetest tasting pussies that I have had the pleasure to explore orally. Her ass hole is yummy as well.

My wife is about 5 ft. 7 in. About 160 lbs. with a pair of 38 D tits , that He can't suck enough.

He is 6 ft. 2 in. about 250 lbs. with a 7 in. cock to match. I am 5 ft. 10 in. and go about 260 lbs. My cock is a thick 6 1/2 inches. She is a brunette and my wife is blonde.

We like to start of our fun evenings with our wives playing with each other, and usually ending with them in a hot 69, as he and I jack each other's cocks. ( but not too much , CUM is a precious commodity. ) We like to save that for our wives. lol

At times we add an other couple or two to our fun. And we even get much younger couples or females ( legal age of course ) to join us,

She is so small that I joke with her that use her to jack off with, But in reality , She gives me all I can handle.

Both wives are very experienced at double penetration. And really get into it. We have several dozen movies and hundreds and hundreds of pictures that we have taken over the years. ( we keep them locked up , of course )

I love to watch Him riding my wife's ass. She is screaming every minute, but I know she loves every thrust. Just as His wife loves my thick cock hammering into her. No cum is ever wasted. When my wife is being ass fucked , she likes to have us pull out and cum in her mouth. She bitches about our cum, running down her inner thighs if we cum in her ass. His wife likes it in her ass hole. Go figure. Sometimes we forget. LOL
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