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Anonymous writes:
     I have a few "good" stories to tell but this first post is just a preface to any or all stories I might relate here.
I'm a 'senior' who lives in East/Central NC. Married.
I label myself as "semi-bi" which simply means I don't kiss, cuddle or fuck (another man).
I like dick.
I like to hold, fondle, stroke and sometimes suck a dick.
Aside from normal, boyhood playful curiosities I never considered "messing around" with another boy/man until I was in my mid 40s. Since then, I've developed quite a fondness for dick and have pursued that fondness via CraigsList.
My wife and I swung for a few years but only managed to find two couples whose male part was willing to engage in any m/m contact and that was pretty one-sided.
So I set out to satisfy my taste for dick meat on my own.
I've had a several enjoyable encounters and I'd like to share some of them here.

I'll end my personal accounts with the following monicker:

~ StrokeMeSlowly
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