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It started with an E-Mail! I had set-up a junk-mail address for my Ex, and she had gotten a ½ off coupon for a “Duo Male Massage”, noting that it wouldn’t pertain to her, my Birthday being next week, and her wanting to prove that I was “way shyer then she is… Sexually!” She decided to set me up for an hour and a half session! She asked me if I’d like a massage on my Birthday? Since she had set me up for having massage’s before, I said sure! She said 9am or 9pm were the only 2 times available, which would I prefer? 9pm I said, I’ll be busy up till then, so that’ll be perfect!
The next day she informs me that the massage is with a man, and asks do I have a problem with that? I reluctantly answer, no I guess not! To which she says If you’re not sure, just say so! I respond with no I’m sure, go ahead and make the appointment, I won’t cancel! So on my Birthday my Ex stops bye, gives me 2 Birthday gift bags, saying the 1st is for me, (which I open right away) and has Mens body scrub, shampoo, and cologne! The other is to be given to the masseuse upon arrival, (No Peeking)! I agreed, but was definitely curious, what kind of present would she be giving the masseuse, that was going to give me a massage? So before I leave, I spend over an hour getting ready for my massage… Something I had never done before! You know showering, trimming all of my “body hair”, making sure that I’m totally clean and fresh!
When I get to the address, it turns out to be a commercial building, turned residential, (single family dwelling) off bye itself! I nervously ring the bell under that sign that reads: Massage Patrons, Please Ring Bell! A dark skinned guy about 6’ with Ice gray eyes, short curly hair, and skin as smooth as 24 year old Scotch… Answers the door! He introduces himself as Tevan, and says you must be Dave! I say yes I am shake his hand, and thank him for fitting me in on such short notice! He says hey no problem, follow me to the massage room! Would you like to take a shower before we start? I say no I just took one, got all cleaned up just for this massage! Good then I’ll have you undress lay on the table, face down, with your head in the headrest, face in the cradle… And I’ll be back in 10 minutes, ok? Sure I say, but before I forget, this is for you! I then hand him the bag and say: “This is from my Ex, she’s the one who made the appt. for me, she thinks I won’t go through with it, because I’ve never done this before! I told her I’m ready to broaden my horizons, and try something I haven’t done! He looks in the bag, looks me right in the eyes, and asks: “Are you sure about this?” “This is a pretty big step for your first time?” (I had read up about what to expect, so I felt I was pretty much prepared) So I said “YES ABSOLUTLY”, and proceeded to start getting undressed! Tevan left, 10 minutes later, when he returned, while I was laying on the table face-down, (as instructed) he said: I forgot to tell you, your Ex paid for a “Duo-Massage”, are you familiar with what that is he asks? No not really I reply! He says it’s when you get massaged by 2 men, instead of 1! How does that sound? Are you going to be ok with that? I don’t know why but for some reason I found myself just saying “YES ABSOLUTLY” to every question he asked that night!
Next thing I know, I feel warm oil being slowly poured onto each of my lower shoulders… Then finally the touch of his hands! My hands are laying open, semi-cupped towards the ceiling, he’s sure to drop some oil in them, I’m wondering why when all of the sudden, as he reaches across to massage my other shoulder, I feel his extremely large, and hard member, resting in the palm of my hand! Stunned I just lay there thinking about not what I should do, (that’s obvious) but what do I want to do? I have to admit I have thought about it, and this “IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY”, to experience something like this! Again I don’t know why but I found myself slowly, gently, starting to stroke his “Big Beautiful Cock”, with my small hand! It seemed like it was only a couple minutes, (I’m sure it was longer) he rotated the headrest to the right, and proceeded to move up towards my neck! As he did I was drawing in the scent of watermelon, as he got closer to my head, the more intense the scent became, then suddenly he reached down and grabbed my hand, again guiding it to his Big Beautiful Member… To which I gladly encompassed it the best I could! He moved up a little bit more, and that was just enough! There it was, staring me right in the face, that Big Beautiful Cock of His!!! Just waiting to part my lips… And “Fuck MY Face!” Not being able to wait any longer, I take my left hand, reach around behind him, and after discontinuing the hand-job with my right reach around with that as well, pull him closer to me and start circling the head of his Cock with my tongue! I hear him moan his approval, as I do this for several minutes! He grabs the back of my head, and starts feeding his Cock… 1 Inch at a time, till I’m able to swallow the whole 10 inches!!! Then he slowly pulls it out, to half way, then back in… All the way!!! For some reason the Watermelon Oil/Lube seemed to make it possible!!! Just then his partner comes in, his name is Terrance! He puts his ample Cock in my left hand, and I start to stroke it! I feel oil being poured from my tail-bone all the down to my inner thighs! Next thing I know he’s massaging my ass cheeks, and really going to town! Working his way from the outside to the inside… Once there, paying careful attention to my “Manhole!” Every time he passes over it with a lubed finger, I’d find myself getting excited… Until the one time when he surprises me and sticks the tip in! I sort of wince, and throw my ass up in the air! All the while Tevan is still feeding me that monstrous cock of his, and I’m swallowing it like it’s the last popsicle I’ll ever have! Suddenly I feel something different being poured right on my “Manhole!” Then Terrance starts inserting a lubed finger into my “Manhole”, (1inch in, 1/2inch out) slowly working his finger in further and further… Till it was in up to the knuckle! I couldn’t believe how incredible it all felt… My head kind of spinning in ecstasy! But this was just the beginning, cause Terrance began working a 2nd finger into my “Manhole!” I tried to resist, but it was no use… For the pleasure overrode the pain!
And before I knew it, we were switching positions and places! They had me roll over onto my back, Tevan and Terrance switched places, and I began working Terrance’s nice 8” Pole, while he put his arms under my knees, and pulled my legs up to the back of his shoulders! Meanwhile Tevan Lubed up his massive 10” Cock… And proceeded to enter me! It took a while 1) To get my “Manhole” to relax 2) Get the head to pop in, and the pain to subside! But once we did, the feeling was so incredible, I didn’t think I could ever top it… That is until they both Came! The 3 of us got into a real good rhythm, with Terrance now pumping my mouth quite ferociously, and Tevan was also working my “Manhole” over quite ferociously! So after a few minutes, I decided to try clenching all 4 cheeks as tight as I could! Soon as I did that, I felt Terrance’s Pole start to “pulsate”, with Tevan’s right behind! The next thing I know, They’re both shooting “Load” after “Load” after “Load” after “Load”… Terrance down my throat, Tevan up my “Manhole!” They both unloaded so much cum… That it was dripping from all 4 cheeks! The 3 of us laid there for several minutes… Just to recover from it all! We all took a shower, I got dressed, and as I was leaving asked: Do you have any openings next Friday, say at 9pm? Tevan answers with: With wonderful openings like yours… We’ll make one!!!
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