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Anonymous writes:
     Was all spun out one night and finally got the balls to cruise the m4m section. Replied to a few ads but the one that got back to me right away was the winner and so was i cuz i got to wrap my lips around that cock and jerked him to oblivion. I gave up my ass for him but he just wanted to 69. But he finally relented when I begged for him to stick it in. I bent myself right over so ready for him to tender me. He couldve pounded my ass all night an I wouldve begged for me. Be he wanted me to ride him and I just wanted to be on all fours. So we stopped for a bit but I wanted to suck his cock more so I came back in the bedroom and pulled his shorts down and started licking and sucking till I got him hard and jerked his cock till it was drained. Someday someone will slide it into my asshole. *fingers crossed*
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