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Anonymous writes:
     I was all spun out and finally worked up the nerve to browse the m4m m4mm casual encounters. I answered a few ads, got some replies back but the reply that really stuck was half drunk just getting back from the bar and he lived right in town. We talked for a bit messaging and then we exchanged phone numbers and texted. I sent him some pictures of my asshole. He was really turned on by my pics and said I had a great ass. I decided to meet up with him so I jumped in the shower shaved my asshole and my taint, got myself looking all good. I stopped and got a couple beers because I was nervous and wanted to take the edge off. I got there we started talking I had like half a beer and we were just sitting on the couch talking. He knows that I am straight but just looking to experiment but in the course of us talking I decided I was hot and I took my pants off so I was just sitting there on the couch with him in my underwear. He told me to put my leg over his and he started rubbing my leg and my cock got hard. I got up to go to the bathroom and then I went into his room and laid down and he came in and laid down next to me. I was nervous and I think he was too but I have to admit the idea of just hooking up with some random person on the internet and sucking their dick letting them fuck me really turned me on. We started touching each other and rubbing and I just started grabbing his cock and stroking it he started stroking mine. We took off our underwear and we laid side-by-side opposite sides and we just started sucking each other's dicks. Because I'm spun out at this point I'm kind of flaccid even though I'm really turned on. But I was really sucking his dick good he said I was the best cock suck he's ever had. He might have been a little bit biased but I think I did a really good job too. I really loved sucking his cock. Because I'm a pervert deviant slut I asked him to take some pictures of me and he got some really good ones of me with his cock in my mouth. I was really sucking it hard and he was ready to cum. He was really heated up and so was I and he said he wanted my ass so I said it's yours and I bent over and propped my ass up in the air and spread my cheeks and submitted to him. He was hard but he said he hasn't topped in awhile and I was ready for him to stick it in and he just couldn't so I went back out in the living room. I smoked a cigarette and then I came back in the room where he was laying still and I just grabbed his cock and started sucking, stroking, licking and I made him take a video of me doing it. I love the idea of me being on film giving head or getting fucked and then submitting it to porn sites later so people can see me doing it. I sucked his cock for about 4 minutes and then I could just tell hes almost ready to go. I heard him moan more and I took my mouth off it and I started jerking it and he came on his belly and I started licking his head. I wish I would have kept my mouth on it when he was cumming so he could have came in my mouth and I could have swallowed it or I wanted pictures of him to cum on my face with my mouth open. After all was said and done I was satisfied I was a little unhappy that I didn't get fucked but oh well there was plenty of other times. We haven't had a chance to hook up since then but we texted back and forth a bit and he had set up a 4 way that I had to back out of reluctantly. Since I've done that back in December I've gotten the itch more. Well that and I've been doing meth more so it makes me want cock. I've made other ads on Craigslist and I made ads on Grindr and I reply to ads on both. I'm not really picky I'm just looking for a youngish, hot guy with a big cock so I can suck it and he won't care if I want him to take pictures or videos in fact I encourage it. I want him to fuck me raw too and come inside me. A dream of mine if they actually get two guys to tag team me or more like I'm sucking ones dick bent over in the other ones fucking my ass and then they switch. Or else I just laying on my back with my legs up and multiple guys fuck me, cum inside me climb off and then another one sticks it in cums inside me climbs off and so on and so forth I would let that happen all night as long as I was tweaked out enough. But yeah that's my story I'm a little cockslut and I love it.
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