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     I worked in a chem plant nights. about ten guys always talkin bout sex whores ect. one nite i was talking to my wife anne marie fish on the ph and she overheard what my bud michial butt was saying bout how big his dick was. later @ home she ask me if he was kidding. i told her probably n0t. she has always enjoyed sex on meth. soon as she do sum her pussy gets wet and she gets naked. so i ask the guys if i brought out a horney whore and she layed on the break table would they take turns fucking her. hell yea they said. so anne got her sum meth and i snuck her in. looking in she was excited but didnt kn0w m0st of em. so i told her do her shot so she be wet and when she did she said n0w im ready. going in the break shack she was already naked hopped in the middle of the table and made them watch her finger herself then took them two at a time till she made em all cum inside her. yea thats my whore anne marie fish.
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Continued...A car wash. It was dark, wet and felt like a secret place. And there we stood... I don’t remember looking at his face very long, and he very smoothly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his perfect cock...My heart was beating so fast, I was about to touch another man’s penis for the first time...I gently stroked under his tight balls just to get his warmth, and slowly touched his head...I reached down and licked his stomach and began to lightly stroke him...I heard him sigh with pleasure. I was gentle, slow and watch his precum begin to he came-perfe
Since I was young I’ve always loved girls, more than you can imagine! But in the back of my mind I’ve always been attracted to the male penis. Not men (rarely did I see one I would want to touch) but the male cock yes!

One night I discovered Craigslist the m4m section and realized I wasn’t the only one...
Anyway, I put out there that I wanted to stroke a nice cock-nothing more and bam! I got a few responses. One responded back and forth right away. I’ll save you the chatter but he arrived at a bookstore, we nodded at each other and walked out. Right across the parking lot was a ca
I would have taken her home and fucked her till my cock broke. Very Hot
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