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Anonymous writes:
     Years ago in college I had a friend who was very tall, and we used to shower together in the dorm showers, which was one big room with shower heads mounted on poles in the middle of the room, so there was no privacy. I used to wait till he was shampooing his hair so his eyes were closed so I could stare at his big swinging cock that had to be 9" long when soft, and thick too.

One night my roommate had not come back yet from winter break, so I offered his bed to my friend for the night so we could continue a long bull session talking about all kinds of stuff. Naturally, the subject soon turned to sex, and we compared notes on our personal sex histories, what we had tried, and what we would like to try. I finally screwed up my courage and asked him if I could give him head because I was curious. After a long pause, he said ok.

We had been in our separate beds with the lights off, him in his tightly whities, and me naked. I got up to go over to his bed, and he turned on the lamp to reveal at least three inches of his hardon sticking up past the waistband, almost to his belly button. I has actually traded bj's with my friends since about 12 years old, but he didn't know that. His cock was so big I could only get about half of it in before it hit the back of my throat, but I kept trying til I almost puked a couple of times. I tried to get him to fuck my ass, but that was too gay for him, so I just kept sucking while he wanked my six incher. Unfortunately, I came before he did and immediately lost interest in continuing, which I regret to this day. The next day was a little awkward, but we remained friends, and the next two years we were roommates. I tried once when I was a little drunk to see if he would fuck my ass, but he declined, something I also regret to this day, since it would have been amazing.
We're both married now, and don't see each other very often, but when we do, the subject is never raised. If you're reading this, buddy, I owe you an orgasm with interest, so let me know if you want to collect!
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