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     I was traveling out of town for a wedding, it was about an 8 hour drive so I decided to split the drive up and stop in a hotel in a small town that's about half way to my destination. I have always had keen interest in being with another guy, but I've always been way to nervous to follow through with it. So this situation seeemed ideal since I would only be in town for one night, and had no plans on going back anytime soon. Before leaving I put out a CL add explainingwhere I would be and what I was looking to do. I got several replies, which was surprising since it was a small town. One response in particular caught my interest. He was inexperienced like me and he was willing to host which made me more comfortable incase I had to bail it it went bad, oh and he had a hot tub which was a plus! I explained in my add that I was only looking for mural HJ or BJ if all goes well, but as I pulled into town I decided to make a quick stop to pick up some line and a pack of condoms. I guess I wanted to be prepared incase the encounter ended up going much further than intended. I checked into my hotel and had a quick shower. When I was ready to go I sent my new friend a text that I was here and ready to meet. I can still remember barely being able to write the text because I was trembling so hard, I was beyond nervous that my first m4m ecounter could be happening tonight! He responded quickly and asked me to meet him at a public parking lot to ensure we were both who said we were in our texts. I arrived a few minutes before him, I sat idealing in a partially empty area of the lot, still trembling! A few moments later he pulled up beside me, so our drivers side windows were beside each other. I wound down my window, we made small talk for a few minutes, I could see he was also very nervous which actually helped me relax a bit and then he asked me to follow him to his house. We pulled into his driveway, the house was very nice, which helped me relax further as I feared Ii was being taken to a dark dingy shack or something! We entered the house and it was as nice inside as it was on the outside. My new friend offered me a beer, which I quickly accepted. Figured it would help stay relaxed. After a few minutes of showing me around, i was shown where the hot tub was. It was a big tub with a privacy pergola around three sides, nobody would be able to see who was in there unless you were on the house. "Interested in a soak?" My new friend asked. "I didn't bring anything to wear in there" I nervously replied. With no hesitation, he said "that's fine, me neither!". He then dropped his shorts and pulled off his tshirt, walked out the back door butt naked and climbed into the tub. I hesitated for a moment but did the same! We sat nervously in the tub across from each other drinking our beers for about 5 minutes, making small talk. He then put his beer down on the rim of the hot tub and moved across and sat next to me, he said quietly to me "I guess we just have to start eh?" He then reach over and gently started touching my cock. I instantly got hard. He continued to caress and slowly move his hand around my cock and balls while I sat and enjoyed. I could no longer hold back, so I chugged what was left of my beer and tossed the bottle onto the grass. I moved my hand down under the water and felt his already rock hard cock. I didn't get a glimps before we got in the tub, but I could clearly feel he was at least 8", uncut. This was a pleasant surprise cause he was shorter than me (I'm only 5'8). We continued to play with each other's cocks for around 10 minutes, touching and exploring. With my heart pounding I made the next move, I asked him to sit up on the edge of the tub. This is the first time I actually saw his cock with my eyes. It was pretty much perfect. I knelt between his legs on the tub seat. I continued to jerk his cock slowly, twisting my wrist as I moved my hand up and down on his cock. I surprised even myself as I all of a sudden started putting the head of his cock in my mouth. I pulled back slightly, then went straight back for more. I sucked him for several minutes as I massaged and played with his sack, occasionally taking a break to tongue his balls. After a few more minutes he asked if we could move this inside, i abliged.

Inside we dried off and sat on his large couch. We nervously laughed for no particular reason as he turned on a porn DVD. It was just straight sex, nothing crazy. But I wasn't really interested, I was looking at his still throbbing dick. We sat elbow to elbow and stoked our own cocks, or elbows rubbing and touching as we jerked. He then leant down, still sitting side me and grasped my cock. He allowed a large glob of spit drop into my cock and then slid his lips down over my head, down my shaft and right down to the base. He pulled back and went straight back down. He slopped more spit on my shaft and continued to stroke and suck me. As he did that I wet my hand with some of my own spit and reach around his side and stroked his cock while he serviced me.

We continued this for a good 15 minutes. Taking turns on each other, changing positions and even locations a couple times. We ended up back at the couch, he sat me down and straggled my legs so our cocks were touching. He jerked both us as the same time, thrusting his pelvis so he big duck slide around on mine. I was so close to busting!

What happened next really surprised me cause we had both agreed we weren't willing to take it this far on our first time. He said that he wished we had line, cause he wanted me to try to fuck him. I smiled, laughed and pushed him off me onto the couch. I went over to my jacket and pulled out the line and condoms I had purchased earlier. He seemed shocked as he stared at me. I guess he was serious cause he asked for the lube. He leant back on the couch and put his legs in the air, and squirted a glob of lube into his hand and started to rub the line onto his virgin hole. He rubbed it all around and slowly put a finger in his own ass, working it in and out, then adding a second finger. While he did this I unwrapped the first condom and slide it over my cock. I took over for him with my fingers, slowly moving my two fingers and and out, stretching him out ready for me. He announced he was ready to try it. I added some more lube to his hole and into my cock. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders as I crouched down to line my throbbing dick his hole. With one hand on my dick, I rubbed it slowly around his lubed up ass, then, I put the head of my cock on his opening and very slowly started to slide in. He wrenched his head back and moaned. I quickly pulled back. He then instructed me to keep pushing next time. So I related the act. This time getting the head all the way in. I stopped briefly there to let him relax for a second. I continued sliding my dick into his hole, slowly but surely I got balls deep into him. As I worked my cock in and out it became easier to move. After several minutes I was able to start moving faster and faster. We were both really into it. I asked him to turn around and get on his knees on the couch. Standing behind him I re entered his asshole and started pounding him. I could feel our balls bouncing into each other as I fucked him. He reached down and started to jerk his cock. I was so close to cumming.

I announced "I'm going to cum". At that time he pulled away, letting my cock pop out his ass. He flipped over so he was sitting in front of me. He quickly pulled off my condom and told me to cum onto his cock. I didn't hesitate to start jerking my cock. He grabbed his cock and started jerking too. I shot my massive load onto his hands and cock as he stroked. He came seconds later, shooting onto his own stomach and chest. I dropped onto the couch beside him. After a moment we both started laughing! We both couldn't believe how quickly that had escalated! He whipped himself off and went to grab our clothes. We again made small talk before I left to return to my hotel room. I ended up jerking off again at the hotel room as I was still extremely turned on from that experience. I found out he did the same too.

Since that first experience I have had several other m4m meet ups. But none compare to that first time.
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