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     I've always had a fantasy of meeting up with another guy along a hiking or bike trail, sneaking off into the deep woods and fooling around. So after several years of fantasizing and even scoping out possible locations, often stopping to jerk off in these potential spots,, I finally started posting ads on CL to find someone to make this a reality. I received reply after reply, never getting far before realizing it was a waste of my time. Finally, after several months of searching I got a response from a guy who was a bit older (I was 25 he was 41) but he seemed normal and was and avid mountain biker like myself. We chatted for a few days, swapped a couple dick pics before mutually deciding we wanted to set up a rendezvous on a local bike trail.

We set the date and time for a couple days later. The idea is that we would have no contact before, we would just set up a spot where we would both find ourselves at the previously decided time. It was a spot I had scoped out months before. It was a small clearing, with a conveniently downed tree that made for a nice bench. It was about 50 meters off a very seldom used bike trail. It appeared I was the first to arrive, so I marked the entrance to our secret spot with my bike glove, I carried my bike through the brush and hide a few meters off the trail, hoping my new bike buddy would do the same, so we wouldn't be caught out! I trekked back into the clearing and cleared up some fallen branches and stuff to make our encounter a little more comfortable. As I was tossing a large branch into the bush I heard a rustling behind me. My heart instantly started pounding, i heard a gentle "Hello?", it was who I was expecting. He was average height and stocky, very similar build to myself. Once he entered the small clearing, we had a quick hand shake and made awkward small talk about the bike trials and stuff. After a moment of awkward silence I said "Well, should we get naked or what?". He laughed uncomfortably but then started removing his tahirt, I joined him, taking off my shirt then dropping my shorts down over my shoes. Within seconds, we were both naked, with only our shoes and socks still on. We both stood naked in front of each other, staring at our naked bodies. He was the first to move forward, we met in the middle of the clearing, we both tentatively reached out for each other's cocks. We slowly worked our hands around them up and down. We both got hard within seconds. He was well endowed, must have been around 7" thick and cut, I'm Uncut, 6" and thick. After a few minutes of this I gripped his dick and pulled him over to the fallen tree, I sat him down and dropped to my knees. His cock was so hard, the veins on it were bulging like I'd never seen before!! I took his large member by the shaft and directed it towards my mouth, I opened wide and slide the head into my mouth, as I tinged his head I let my drool run down his shaft. I felt it meet my hand, so I worked my hand up and down, making his whole cock wet with my spit. I couldn't believe my fantasy had finally come true! As I sucked him I felt his hands rest on my head, he started to force his cock further and further down my throat, this isn't something I'd done before, but his dominance was a extreme turn on to me. I dropped my hands to my side and let him fuck my mouth. I gagged several times but it just added to the fun! As he got closer to cumming I got my hands involved again. I moved my mouth and tongue around his head while I jerked his shaft. I could feel his legs tense so I know what was coming. To my surprise, as he announced the arrival of his cum, I didn't pull away, instead I pushed his cock as far in as it could go, letting his cum shoot straight down my throat! He load was huge! It took 2 or 3 large gulps to take it all down. This isn't something I'd ever thought I would do, but in the moment I couldn't resist.

Once he had a chance to gather himself, my bike partner turned his attention to me. He was still sitting on the log and I had since stood up, patiently stroking my cock, I was still nice and hard from what had just taken place! He reached around and grabbed my bare ass with both hands and pulled me in close so my erect member was just shy of his lips. Without removing his hands from my ass, he opened his mouth and pulled me in closer, my cock entering deep into his mouth. I could feel his warm saliva spreading around my throbbing dick. He then removed his hand from my ass cheek and grasped my shaft, working his hand up and down in coordination with his mouth. Fuck it felt so good. Unfortunately I wasn't able to last too long, I was beyond turned on that I was actually fulfilling my fantasy. After about 5 minutes of working my cock, I was ready to blow. I barley muttered "I'm cumming" as I felt my load release. he had taken my cock all the way down to the base. He held there for a few seconds, making sure he got every last drop.

Both being satisfied, we got dressed and made our way out of the bush. As we arrived back at the trail a small group of bikers rode past, with suspicion looks but luckily kept moving. My friend and I looked at each other and laughed. Since our initial meeting we have met a few more times at our spot. Every time as enjoyed as the first.
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