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Anonymous writes:
     I was at a bar after a softball game when I met the most beautiful woman. She walked up to me and started a conversation We spent the rest of the evening having a great time together.
We ended up at her place later. We spent a great deal of time making out. we were really having a good time.
She stood up from the couch and stood before me, I reached up to grab her boobs and they fell out. This did not alarm me as I was having such a good time with her that the lack of ant boobs was not an issue.
She left te room and came back wearing a tshirt and panties. we continued or intense make out session for hours. I sat back down on the couch with her standing in front of me. I reached up and pulled on her panties, and what I saw next should have alarmed me but it was the exact opposite. Inside her panties was the most gorgeous cock Ive ever seen. Now I am straight and I just adore satisfying a pussy that is laid out in front of me, so my reaction to this cock in front of my face was a complete shock to me. Instead of rejecting this situation I embraced it totally. I was so involved with this cock in my face that my straightness didnt seem to matter. The head on this cock was very large and I was completely taken by its size. The cock itself was quite veiny and it had a wonderful pleasure bend upward. I was completely hypnotized by the sent of this cock. It was the most wonderful scent. I must have been staring at this gorgeous cock for a while, as it started to inch closer to me. I took the cock in my right hand and begun to caress the balls with my left. I have just entered into another world and I was having the time of my life.
After stroking the cock for a while and caressing the balls, My face got even closer to my pleasant find.
I licked the head with my tongue and enjoyed the taste of the head it was warm and sweet and really quite enjoyable. I must have parted my lips as the cock was inched into my mouth until I had the head now between my lips. My mind was racing, I couldnt believe where I was or what I was doing , but for some odd reason I couldnt think of anywhere Id rather be. I sucked the head for a while and started to swirl my tongue around it. This was so intense for me as I was having the time of my life and couldnt come up with any reason that I never sucked a cock before. To think of all that time I had wasted thinking that this was a queer thing to do.
I started to gobble up more of this cock and sucking and licking it harder every inch.
Soon the pubic hairs were tickling my nose and I realized then that I had most of his cock in my mouth and inching down my throat. This made me gag a lot and I pulled away from his ccock but began to suck it up again, this was too much fun to stop now. each time I had it planted in my throat I started to gag, but each time I gagged a little less. Finally I was being fucked in my mouth and down my throat without any resistance. This felt so good to me I was enjoying my mouth fucking so much now.
Soon the tempo slowed down and I was anticipating my reward was coming soon. I didnt want to lose a drop of cum as I had worked so hard for it. Soon the first wave of cum had shot down my throat, I was initially afraid of how this was going to work but it was quite uneventful, as far as awkwardness was concerned. the experience was so satisfying that I cannot wait until my mouth is filled with cock once again
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