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Anonymous writes:
     This story took place many years ago when I was just an oversexed teenage boy in the early "70s.
I was about 17 and had met a girl who was my buddy's cousin. She was also about two years older than I was and she was in college, while I was still a High School senior. I figured that a college girl might have had some more sexual experience than I and she might be "easy".

We met one night at a neighborhood bar that was popular with young folks, especially on Friday nights and weekends. Back then the legal drinking age in our state was 18 and I'd been passing at bars since I was 16 and was hardly ever challenged or asked for ID. So I was out at the bar with my buddies and met this girl and we talked and danced and did a little smooching. When it got close to last call, which in those days was around 2am, she was looking around for her friends, one of whom had driven a bunch of girls to the bar. The girls were mostly gone, probably picked up by other guys, except for one of her friends who lived in the opposite direction. So my new friend was basically resigned to taking the bus home.
Since I didn't have a car at the time (probably just got my license and would ask to borrow dad's car sometimes) I was also either going to catch a bus or hoof it home.

I decided to escort this gal and hoped for some more making out on the way home.
To back up a little bit, I had a strict curfew of 1a.m. and I had obviously blown that already. I figured if I was already going to be in trouble for being late, I might as well be really late and maybe get a little something for my trouble. So off we went, walking part of the way, stopping to kiss and fondle a bit in empty storefronts, and eventually getting the bus for the last mile or so to her house.

When we got to the apartment she shared with her parents and two sisters there was no one home. She said they'd gone to visit relatives and wouldn't be home until Sunday afternoon. Since it was Friday night, we had plenty of time to get into trouble!
She invited me inside and we were all over each other. Lots of tongue kissing and fondling ensued.
Eventually I got her blouse off and was working on her bra. She helped me get it off and I got my first look at some prime American titties. She was probably about a size 36C and her big tits were still plenty perky and firm.
I was in heaven sucking on her big red nipples and she was fumbling with my belt. As I took over undoing my jeans and kicking off my sneakers, she dropped to her knees and pushed her face into my crotch.
You better believe that at 17 years old my cock was like a steel bar and the probability of getting my first blow job was keeping it hard and dripping.

I got my pants off and she was down to her panties and kneeling with her face pressed to my shorts and saying things like, "C'mon baby... Give me that dick... I want it in my mouth!"
My dick was dripping clear pre-cum and she took it in her hand and rubbed the slippery stuff across her lips. She told me it was her first time sucking a boy's cock but she'd been practicing with a cucumber and she was dying to taste the real thing. I wasn't gonna make her wait any longer and happily pushed forward so her lips parted and my dick was finally in a pretty girl's hot mouth.
I have no idea how long the blowjob lasted, but I'm sure I came much quicker than I'd have liked.
I warned her like a nice guy that I was close and was gonna cum. I figured she would probably take my dick out of her mouth and jerk me off for the finish. Imagine my surprise when I told her I was going to cum and she sucked me harder and deeper in her mouth!
Next thing I knew I was throbbing and pulsing and blowing a huge load into her virgin mouth. She sputtered a tiny bit and started swallowing! When I was done, I looked at her on her knees with some of my cum dripping from the side of her lips. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard, tasting my own cum in her mouth and wondering how many more times we could do it over the weekend.

I wanted to finger her and maybe even taste her cunt, which would be just the second one I'd licked, but it was late and I needed to get home to face the music with my parents.
I got her phone number and swore to call her on Saturday and see if we could do something fun.
Leaving her apartment, I couldn't find the gate in the huge hurricane fencing around the complex. I was so happy that I just said "fuck it" and started to climb over the fence. Caught the bus at the next block and got home to find my parents in a reasonably mellow mood and I didn't have to listen to too much grief after all.

The next day I did call my new girlfriend and she was so surprised that I did call, that we got together again, went to a movie and when I brought her home, we stripped and jumped into her bed so I could feed her some cock and try eating her sweet pussy. She was a blonde and I saw she was natural too. Her blonde hair was very soft and fine and her pussy was pink and wet and tasted like heaven.
I actually got her to cum by eating her out and her using her finger on her clit at the same time.
I came in her mouth twice more that afternoon and she was amazed that I would kiss her after she'd sucked my dick. It didn't seem like a big thing to me, but she was really impressed that I didn't cringe and was OK with sharing my cum straight from her mouth to mine.

We stayed together for a long time and learned lots about sex together.
Eventually we tried threesomes and group sex, some light BDSM and even anal. She liked being assfucked but couldn't take it for too long before she'd be begging me to cum in her. Possibly the nastiest thing we did that Summer was the time after I fucked her and came in her ass, I ate her out and she slowly pushed that nasty chocolate creampie out for me to lick it up and snowball her.

Now it's a lot of water under the bridge but I'm still a nasty freak and just love to eat out my wife's sweet ass.
There's probably nothing I wouldn't try at least once sexually. I figure life is short and you never know if you'll get a second chance at something new...
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