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Anonymous writes:
     I'm a married man and have always been attracted to women for sex but recently have become more than a little bi-curious. I have found myself watching porn and thinking about how hot it might be to be sucking on those cocks and tasting that hot cream. I have eaten out my wife after cumming in her and have kissed her with my cum in her mouth, so I'm no stranger to eating cum, just haven't tasted anyone else's yet.

Several years ago my wife said something that first triggered these impulses. We'd just had a hot sex session and I said that I could imagine lying back and having her ride my cock cowgirl style while I had another woman sitting on my face and feeding me her sweet pussy. My wife countered by saying that she could take on three men at once; one in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in her ass. I forgot all about doing it with another woman and began to fantasize about my wife being penetrated by other men and their cocks pumping cum into her. I realized how hot it made me thinking about eating her out and drinking strange men's cum out of her hot sexy holes. She's especially oral and loves to suck cock and I started to focus on that aspect of it; watching her sucking cock and tasting her dirty mouth.

I read and responded to some CL ads and placed my own ad explaining our situation and looking for men who'd be thrilled to get a great blowjob and let me watch and use my wife as well. I made it plain that I figured there would be little or no interaction between us men, just my wife's mouth on our cocks and balls.
Finally I found a guy who seemed to be the one. He was a fellow around my age, 58, and in good but not buff shape. He lived in South Carolina but traveled about every six weeks up to NYC for business, which suited us. My wife and I agreed that this should be a strictly sex adventure with no emotional attachments. She was excited at the thought of acting like a total slut for me and sucking a man's cock until he filled her dirty mouth with his cum.

We went to meet Steve at his hotel on a Thursday evening around 8pm. My wife Joan was dressed as slutty as she could. She wore a tiny micro mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and a white schoolgirlish blouse tied under her 34B titties. She wore big earrings and bangle bracelets and a pair of sexy heels and lots more makeup than usual. She looked for all the world like a sleazy callgirl. That was part of the thrill for her too - she wanted to be as slutty and nasty as she could be and I was giving her permission to do just that.

When we got to Steve's hotel, I parked in back and told Joan to wait in the car while I checked to make sure it was OK to proceed. I figured that we'd written back and forth a few times and Steve seemed genuine, but you never know what to suspect about a stranger. I didn't want us to walk in and find a handful of guys ready to rape my wife and rob us!
Everything looked fine when I met Steve for the first time. He looked like his picture and seemed like a nice guy who just wanted to get a good blowjob and use a naughty little slut's mouth for a fuckhole. I told him I'd be right back with my slut and he said he'd leave the door unlocked so we could just walk in.

When we entered Steve's room, he met us at the door and gushed over my wife, telling her what a beautiful girl she is and how she looks so nasty, like a two-dollar whore. She told him she was nastier than that and he'd soon see for himself. We'd talked about it a little beforehand and Steve asked her some questions to humiliate her and excite her more.
He asked her what she was there for and made her admit she was a nasty slut wife and was there to suck his cock.
He asked her if she was going to let him see some more of her and she turned around and lifted her tiny skirt so he could see her lacy panties. I told him to feel her ass and see how soft and round she is. He rubbed his hand over her ass and then took a bit of a grab at one of her cheeks. She loves having her ass played with and she flushed with shame and excitement.
I told her to see if Steve seemed excited to see her and feel her and she put her hand between his legs to feel his hard cock through his jeans. Steve laughed and said, "She really wants the cock, eh?"

Steve walked into the room and stopped beside the bed. He told Joan to come over there and to get on her knees. He asked her again what she wanted and she said "To suck your big cock please."
He took her head and pulled her face against his jeans and told her to blow her hot breath on him. She complied and soon he was undoing his belt and the top button of his pants. He told her to unzip his jeans and when she did we saw that he didn't have any shorts on. His stiff cock stood almost straight out from his belly and was a good seven or eight inches and pretty fat around. He had his pubic hair shaved which made his cock look that much longer. Joan actually prefers men to have lots of pubic hair because she thinks it's more masculine, but she was happy at his size and girth anyway.

Once he dropped his pants Joan took the initiative and gave his cockhead a big lick, gathering some clear precum into her mouth. She made a show of swallowing and anxiously went to take him in her mouth again. Steve stopped her for a moment and took hold of his cock and lifted it to his belly. He told her that before she could suck his cock she had to prove she was a worthy slut and show him how badly she wanted it.
Joan leaned into him and started to lick and suck at his big balls. He was very happy and encouraged her, saying things like, "Yes, you cunt! Suck uncle Steve's balls, you fucking whore..."
Joan was really slurping on his balls and squeezing his ass, trying to get more in her mouth. After a short while he pushed her away long enough to move to the bed where he laid down and told her to strip for us so we could enjoy her even more.

I went to her side and kissed her deeply. Her face was wet with her saliva and his precum and she had a musky scent on her. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I tasted his salty, musky balls. My dick was like a steel bar in my pants and I decided it was time to take them off and get in on the action.
Joan let me untie her top and reveal her plump and pretty firm titties and her hard red nipples. Meanwhile she was removing her skirt and she stood before us in just her lacy panties, garter belt, fishnets and heels.
Steve looked like he'd died and went to heaven and he said some more nasty stuff like, "You're some pretty cunt, you know that?" and "I can't wait to fuck your filthy mouth, you bitch." That dirty talk makes Joan crazy horny and I could see from the reddish flush on her face and chest that she was really into the scene.
When she climbed up onto the bed between Steve's legs, I slipped my hand up between her thighs and found her panties very wet with her sweet juice. I was tempted to get in there and eat her out but first I wanted to watch her take this man's cock between her red painted lips.

I'm getting hard just writing this but not as hard as I was when she slid her lips slowly down the length of his dick. She told me that she used to have a boyfriend with a ten inch dick so I knew that Steve's eight incher wouldn't be a problem for her. Mine's a more average six or seven inches and she swallows me right to the balls.
So there we were on the bed with my wife's mouth covering this man's cock and he was still telling her what a hot cunt she is and telling her to blow him like the cheap slut she is. I was kissing her neck and shoulders and rubbing her nipples and telling her how beautiful she looks and how sexy. She did look hotter than I'd ever seen her except possibly on our wedding night. I loved seeing her being so nasty and slutty, like my own private porn star.

Steve told us that he didn't want to cum too soon; he wanted to enjoy this. He lifted his cock away from her mouth again and made her lick his balls some more. Then he actually winked at me and lifted his legs up with his hands under his knees. He had exposed his asscrack to her and told her to flatten her tongue and lick all up and down his crack. Joan was frantically licking like a dog with a fresh bone. She licked up his sweaty crack and was making little moans and obviously loving it.
Steve again winked at me and told Joan to point her tongue and to stick it into his ass!
My nasty wife made a sound like a growl deep in her throat and plunged her tongue into his asshole. Then she started moaning again and digging deeper and deeper while Steve closed his eyes and just enjoyed it. He asked her if she liked the taste of his ass and she grunted and kept her face buried between his cheeks.
I told her she was the nastiest slut I'd ever seen and that she deserved a good spanking. She loves to be Daddy's bad girl and get spanked now and then and this was definitely one of those times. I grabbed my jeans and took my belt off of them, folded it in half and told her to keep eating Steve's ass while I tan her hide.
I started strapping her pantied ass, not too hard, but enough that she could feel it. She responded by digging in even deeper and pushing her ass back at me for more. After a few swipes I slipped a couple of my fingers past her panties and into her soaked and spread cunt. She pushed back and soon I was almost fisting her.

Steve finally had enough of my slut's assmunching and dropped his legs. He told her to get her mouth around his cock and show him what a good blowjob whore she is. After she took a deep pull on his cock, I pulled her face off him for just a moment so we could have a deep kiss. Kissing my wife after she's sucked his balls was one thing; now I was kissing her after her tongue had been deep in his ass! Thinking about what a filthy slut she was had me almost spurting in my shorts. I told her how much I love her and how much I love seeing her being a dirty slut. Then I told her to suck all the cum out of Steve's balls and make me proud of her.

Joan did everything a callgirl would do to get that nut out of this man. Her head bobbed fast and then slow, up and down and all around. She used her tongue to tease the head of his dick until it was drooling precum like crazy. She rubbed his cock all over her face, getting her face wet and sticky. Eventually Steve was near the end of his rope and he asked her where she wanted him to cum. We had talked about it earlier and he might cum in her mouth or give her a facial. We decided to leave it up to her and now he asked her.
Joan lifted her face from his cock. There was a string of precum or saliva stretching from her lips to the head of his cock and she snapped the string when she said, "Cum in my mouth!"
Steve groaned as she again dropped her lips all the way to his balls. He told me "I can't hold out much more, I'm gonna cum in your wife's mouth!"
Seconds later he roared like a bull and held her head tightly to his belly. She was cumming on my fingers, squeezing her legs together around my hand so hard I thought she might break my wrist. Joan didn't even gag, she just kept her face down against his balls and I could see her throat working as she swallowed some of Steve's cum. As his pumping stopped, she let a little cum dribble down his cock and onto his balls.
She picked up her head and turned to the side so she could show me her mouth still full of cum. I groaned and blew my load on her back and kissed her again. She shoved her tongue and a bunch of Steve's cum into my mouth and we kissed deep and long. I was really turned on and proud of my nasty wife.
Steve thanked us and told Joan that she wasn't done yet. She had left cum on his balls and some was even running down his crack. He again lifted his legs up and she dove down to lick his balls and crack clean.
While she was between his cheeks, he told her to stick her tongue in his ass again. While my own cock slowly began to rise again, Joan started making those moaning sounds again and digging into this stranger's asshole.
Steve was making sexy groans too and saying things like, "Man, your wife can suck a mean cock." and "WHat an ass eating fucking cunt!"
I finally pulled off Joan's wet, sticky, cunty panties and slid my half hard cock into her from behind while she ate his ass out. She responded by pushing back and taking it deep. She was moaning and grunting as we fucked and she acted as slutty as she'd ever been. Steve was beginning to get stiff again and he dropped his legs and told her to suck his cock. I didn't think he'd be able to cum again so soon, but I didn't think I would either. Turned out we were both so excited to be using my wife like a whore, that we both got another climax out anyway. I filled her sloppy cunt with my small second load and Steve gave her a nice mouthful of cum to enjoy.

We got dressed and left soon afterward and I told Steve we might try to get together again in a month or two.
Joan and I were tired but very satisfied. When we got home she wanted to jump into the shower right away but I insisted she get undressed and into bed so I could eat her out and give her another nice climax. She was a little shy about it because she's a very clean person, but under the circumstances I think she enjoyed being dirty.
We never di get together with Steve after that. He did contact me and said he was bringing his slutty wife on his next trip and we should get together. Or just I should come and get a chance at his wife's mouth and cunt.
I talked it over with Joan and we decided that what we did was great fun and we should leave it at that and not try to repeat it. So far we haven't but you never know.
I have been thinking a lot lately about tasting another man's cum from my wife's mouth, so who knows?
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