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Anonymous writes:
     I was a very horny young man when I first started having serious sex with girlfriends in my late teens.
One girl in particular was very adventurous and wanted to try all sorts of things too. I'd been fantasizing for at least a year about licking a girl's pussy and I was pretty sure that it was finally going to happen.
We were making out in my room at home because my parents were away and we had the place to ourselves. We eventually found ourselves in my bed and I had been gently fingering her while we kissed so her sweet pussy was really wet. I took my hand from between her legs and sniffed it, then licked my fingers while she watched. I saw her eyes go wide when I licked her nectar off my fingers and then I moved between her legs.
She was shy at first and was afraid that I might be turned off if I actually tried to lick her quim, but I was seventeen and was sporting a rigid iron bar for a cock. Nothing was gonna stop me from tasting my first pussy!
I got a pillow under her little ass to raise her hips up a bit, then spread her legs with my hands on her upper thighs. I dove down and used the flat of my tongue to sweep up her pussy towards her tummy.
What a revelation! Her cunt tasted delicious and since she'd showered just an hour or two earlier, she had a babyish scent to her. There was a slightly musky component too because after all, she was a very aroused nineteen year old woman. Anyway, I became bolder and soon I was really licking her pussy for all I was worth and she was squirming and begging me not to stop. Once I accidentally found her clitty and she held my face in her hands to keep my tongue and lips caressing her hot little love button. I don't remember if I made her cum on my mouth that first time, but I know that it became a big part of our lovemaking afterwards. She rarely would reach an orgasm when I was fucking her, but I could make her cum with my fingers and tongue pretty easily. I really enjoyed licking and even sucking her pussy, so it was a win-win.

She was anxious to return the favor too. Apparently girls think about sex just like guys do, but they're a little more discrete about it. Once we became close and started discovering more about our sexuality, she told me she'd fantasized about giving a guy a blowjob too.
The guy who was her ex-boyfriend was a little older than she was and he seemed to be very concerned about not going too far with her. They used to kiss and she'd let him remove her bra and suck her titties, but when she'd go to move his hand between her legs or if she put her hand on his pants and touched his hard-on, he'd pull away and say that they'd better stop and cool off. Her desire to try sucking cock wasn't going anywhere with that guy!

She told me that there was another guy who she'd met at a neighborhood bar where lots of teens went. In those days the legal drinking age was just 18 and there were plenty of bars where they did a terrific business on Friday and Saturday nights serving pitchers of beer to teenagers. This particular night she'd been drinking and dancing with a group of girls and they'd eventually paired up with boys for some necking at the bar and out in the parking lot. She found herself on her knees and started to unbuckled this guy's belt. As she was dropping his jeans, she could see his cock was stiff in his shorts. Before she had a chance to actually get it out, a woman from the house next to the bar opened her window and yelled something about "you kids get out of there" and that ended the sex session.

So when I had licked her pussy for about twenty minutes or so, she wanted to try sucking me too. I laid back on the bed and we changed positions so now she was between my legs. She bent down and licked around the head of my cock tentatively, then licked the drop of clear pre-cum that was oozing from the tip. She liked the salty taste and said she wanted more. I took my dick in my hand and milked out another drop and she rubbed it on her lips like lip gloss. Then she started to sink her lips around my dick and moved her head up and down. We found that the head of my cock was the sensitive part and even though her mouth felt great going up and down my six inches, the head was the part that was gonna make me cum. When I got close, probably within five minutes, maybe sooner, I told her I was gonna cum and expected she'd pull her face away. I was totally knocked out when she held my dick tightly in her mouth and I started to cum! She took the first couple of spurts in her mouth and then pulled her face away, taking a couple of spurts on her cheek and chin. When I was done cumming she sat back and looked up at me with a sly smile and used her fingers to direct the cum off her cheek and into her mouth. She made a big thing of smiling and swallowing and said it tastes good.
From that day on, we always included lots of oral in our makeout and sex sessions. We'd both found that oral was a foolproof way of cumming and was possibly better than actual fucking.

Some time later we were doing a 69 session with her on top and that became a real favorite of ours too. I'd become bolder and would lick up and down her crack completely, even going past her pussy and snaking my tongue up the crack of her little round ass. Once I licked her tight little rosebud anus and she made an involuntary groan of pleasure, I was a man possessed. I began licking her asshole and found that by pointing my tongue I could actually poke it in a little. This seemed to spur her on even more and she'd be sucking me and licking my balls like a wild woman. I found the thought that I was licking her little dirthole very exciting and kept trying to get my tongue in deeper. She'd get embarrassed and afraid that I'd get turned off or be disgusted by her smell. She was a very clean girl and she never smelled like anything but baby lotion or powder. Well, her pussy did have the scent of a woman when she was aroused, but it was delicious and not off-putting at all.
Her ass obviously didn't get wet and juicy like her pussy, but I was still excited to be doing something so taboo and "dirty" and I persisted in licking her ass anytime we were doing 69.

Eventually she relaxed and realized that I really enjoyed eating her between her legs. She'd relax her anus and I could get my tongue deeper inside her. She learned that oral sex was called sodomy and she got wickedly excited that we were doing something so "wrong". Pretty much every time we had sex she'd end up swallowing my load and I'd end up eating her pussy and tongue fucking her ass.
One time I was eating her out, she was again on top and we were 69ing. She was kind of taking a break from sucking me and she was sitting up and rubbing her open asshole on my hungry tongue. I pushed in deep as I could and was surprised to find the tip of my tongue touched something inside her. In a flash I realized that I was actually touching my tongue to her fudge!
You'd think that I would recoil in horror and pull my tongue out of her, maybe go use some mouthwash, and stop doing that forever. You'd think that but you'd be wrong! I got so excited that I almost spurted my load without her touching my cock. I pushed even harder with my tongue and even tried to move her poop around inside her ass. She was sitting up now and really digging the weird feeling of having my tongue in her behind and jostling around the contents of her rectum. I'm sure she was on the verge of letting it go but her sense of shame overcame her sexual excitement. She jumped off me way too soon and pulled on her tee shirt and shorts and practically ran to the bathroom so she could empty herself properly. When she returned a few minutes later I went to pee and to rinse my mouth. I was still very excited and not at all put off by licking her fudge like that, but I knew better than to try kissing her without washing out my mouth and we basically resumed our make-out session. Shortly afterwards I'm certain she blew me and I must've made her cum on my fingers. I kind of pillow-talked her later and told her how exciting it was to eat her ass like that. She said it wouldn't be so exciting if she hadn't been able to hold it and control her bowels. That I would be singing a different tune if I'd really gotten a good taste of her poop. I tried to make her understand that even though it's so nasty, I'd really, really been excited and wanted to try it again. She said there was no problem in that since by now she was pretty sure she was empty and clean. I did eat her ass some more but unfortunately never again touched her fudge.

Now many years later I love to give my wife oral pleasure and still enjoy licking and tongue fucking a woman's ass. My wife is a very clean person and always showers before bed, so I almost never get any musky scent off her pussy or her ass. Just the other day I did get an unexpected thrill though.
It was maybe 4 o'clock in the afternoon and she'd just turned on the oven to pre-heat so she could cook dinner.
While the oven was warming up I had a wicked thought and pulled her into the bedroom. I told her to take her panties off and to get up on the edge of the bed. I got on the floor between her legs and spread her sweet cheeks open. I planted a soft kiss on her cheeks and then on her tight little rosebud. I kissed and licked at her ass, which was very slightly musky from a day's normal business. As I licked up her crack, the faint musk was making my dick hard as I realized I was smelling her natural musky scent and not the usual "baby" scent.
I concentrated my tongue on her crack and pushed into her ass as much as I could. I was moaning in sheer delight and stopped every few moments to tell her how hot she is and how sexy and how much I love eating her out. I finally got her to relax her muscles and open up her anus so I could get in deeper.
I don't think I would actually eat her poop, but the slightly bitter taste and slightly chalky texture of the inside of her anus was making me throb with excitement. At that moment if she had anything up inside her, I'd be begging her to feed me. As it was I did beg her to open up even more. I begged her to keep feeding me her honey box. She was moaning softly and just enjoying my tongue in her tush and I hoped she was so far gone that she'd overcome any lingering shyness about what I was doing to her.
Like I said, I was so excited I knew I would be cumming soon. After a few more minutes of savoring her musky scent and taste, I told her to turn over and put her ankles up on my shoulders. I slid my dick into her soaked pussy without any resistance at all and she put her legs around my back and pulled me deeper into her sex.
It only took a few short minutes and the heat of her pussy had my dick unloading into her core.
Even though she was really turned on, the short intense fuck wasn't enough to make her cum. I almost surprised myself by pulling out of her and burying my face in her juicy quim. I know the fact that she was wet with her own juice and also my cum was exciting her and making her that much easier to climax. A little clitty nibbling was all it took to set her off and she came like a firecracker.
We snuggled and kissed like teenagers and she seemed unaware that my mouth had just been on her backside. The oven signaled that the temp was ready for cooking while we were going at it and once we cleaned up a bit, she resumed cooking dinner. I resolved that I was gonna get some more of her ass for dessert!
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