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Anonymous writes:
     When I was 19 I went to Cancun for spring break. I had been working out daily so my body was tight. I have a small build and my tits were so perky. I was self conscious about my huge nipples then, but I enjoyed time on the beach in a bikini and evenings in nightclubs wearing little sundresses. There was a lot of making out, sex and playful touching that week. I was pretty adventurous. Leaving my hotel one night and hailing a cab so I could meet up with a man whose name I barely caught and fuck him all night on the balcony of his hotel room, overlooking the beach. I rode his cock, listening to the waves. He fucked me from behind as I leaned on the railing and I moaned with pleasure. I could hear other college kids doing the same on nearby balconies. It was so hot hearing everyone moaning and cumming.
The last night of the trip I had a headache, so I left the bar I was at and went back to the hotel room I was sharing with friends, alone. About 30 minutes later there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find a young man I had met earlier in the week. He asked me to go for a walk on the beach with him. I could not remember his name. He was tall and handsome and held my hand as we walked the beach and looked for a place to lay down among so many other lovers.
We began kissing and as he carrassed my body, he soon realized that I was completely naked under my gauzy, white sundress. I had removed my bra and panties in the hotel when I laid down to rest.
He kissed me and told me he wanted to make me cum. I was surprised that he was focused on pleasing me. I let him slide the straps of my dress off my shoulders and reveal my breasts to the moonlight...and his lips. He sucked my nipples and slid his hand over my pussy. I was getting so wet but I was nervous about the people around us and strangers watching as they walked by. He told me to just relax and enjoy myself. I laid back and moaned as he slid his fingers inside me and began circling around my cunt, licking his fingers and playing with my clit. He reminded me to relax and allow him to get me off. I looked up at the moon and stars, listened to the waves crashing and my whole body quivered as I experienced the longest, most intense orgasm of my life. I was breathless when he began kissing me. He told me he wanted to do it again. I was so grateful and so turned on. I pushed him down on to the sand, reached into his shorts for his cock and began to stroke him. He moaned as I took him in my mouth and began sucking while stroking him and playing with his balls. He came too and I drank his cum willingly, still filled with pleasure from the intense orgasm he had given me. I laid back on the sand beside him. We were smiling and kissing, waves crashing at our feet, warm with pleasure, my little white sundress barely covering my body, enjoying the strangers staring at my tan lines, tits and tight, naked body as they walked by and we continued to touch. We didn’t fuck, but we didn’t need to. He made me feel so good all my inhibitions and self-conscious feelings disappeared. I let him go down on me, not caring who saw, or who heard my moans as he made me cum again and again, his face between my legs, me laying on my sundress, caressing my nipples, moonlight on me, smiling and brazenly making eye contact with anyone who looked, when I had been so nervous just moments before.
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