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Anonymous writes:
     We're a mwc who enjoy some adventurous sex from time to time. This is a totally true story of one of those adventures that happened around 2008 in NYC.
We met in midtown where my wife was working at the time and went downtown to the Chelsea area where we had a light Thai dinner. A block away there was a theater where they stage modern dance programs and I'd gotten us tickets for a special show.
We found a spot to park up the block on a reasonably quiet side street and went to the show. It was an excellent production and watching those super fit men and gals dancing and working their bodies into all sorts of positions had us pretty turned-on.
We walked up the block and my wife was more than ready to change out of her pretty dress into some little shorts and a tee that she had brought along. I encouraged her to change right there in my SUV since we were parked in a shady spot and it was after dark. I told her I'd stand watch outside and give her a few minutes to change.
When she was out of her dress and sitting on the passenger seat in just her undies, I tapped on the glass and motioned for her to stop and then I got into the driver's seat. She looked SO hot sitting in the car in just her bra and skimpy panties. I took off her bra and her small but perky titties stood up proudly.
I teased her about being a slut wife, sitting in a car on a city street in nothing but her panties. She loves being a submissive slut and also enjoys a little exhibitionism. She was definitely getting what she likes!
She was working my zipper and pulling my cock out of my shorts and in no time her head was in my lap.
I reached across her body and slipped my hand into her panties and fondled her tight, round little ass.
In a moment I took my hand away so I could lick my finger and then slipped it into her willing ass. Meanwhile she was sucking my cock for all she's worth.
Folks walked past and some glanced in and it was fun watching their reactions. A group of teenage boys came past diagonally from across the street and when one of them saw what was happening in the car, he told his buddies. The group turned around and re-crossed the street so everyone could see this nearly naked slut giving head on the street.
There was a restaurant almost directly across from where we parked and they were closed and cleaning up for the night. When one of the workers came out to empty some trash, he walked to the curb for a smoke. As soon as he lit his cigarette, he put his foot up on the bumper of the car in front of us and that's when he saw what we were doing. I gave him a smile and told my wife to pick up her head and let the fellow see what a cocksucking slut looks like. She was practically creaming in her tiny panties and she smiled at the guy and licked her lips like a real tramp. He finished his smoke and waved, then went back inside.
A taxi cab stopped right alongside us waiting for the traffic ahead to move when the light turned green. The cabbie was idly looking at our car when he realized what he was seeing - a bare breasted tramp sucking a happy guy's cock! I bet he was sorry when the light changed and he had to take off.
I was having a great time but close to cumming and figured we should be on our way soon before some busy body reported us to the cops.
I had my window partly down because it was summer time and the inside of the truck was pretty steamy. A couple of young guys were passing by when I gave a bit of a grunt and they turned just in time to see my wife swallowing quickly so she wouldn't make a mess on my seat or pants. She lifted her head and smiled like she was proud of herself and I fixed my pants while she slipped her tee shirt on.
While we drove away and headed for the Lincoln Tunnel, she slipped her little cutoff shorts on and slipped her feet into her sandals. By the time we got home to NJ, she was rubbing my cock through my pants and saying that she needed to cum too. We were barely inside when I threw her onto the bed and ripped her Daisy Dukes and panties off and ate her delicious steamy pussy to a nice climax.
We've never repeated that particular adventure but maybe it's time again...
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