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Anonymous writes:
     I responded to an add posted by a 21 yrd old guy. I was 23 at the time. He was looking to suck each others dicks and for me to fuck him. At this time I did not have much experience with other guys, I had only exchanged head with a friend one time a few years before. Once I answered his ass he exchanged a few emails and then phone numbers. I went to his house and he took me right up to his bed room, not saying a word. We started to make out and take off our clothes. Once we were once in our underwear, we climbed on to his bed. We continued to make out while playing with each others cocks. I sucked his cock for a little while first. Then he started to suck my cock and fingered my ass while doing so. While he was sucking my cock he looked up and asked me to fuck him. I was a little nervous since i had never had sex with a guy before. But I just put on a condom and lubed up his ass a little bit. I started off slow but ended up getting most of my 8 1/2 inch dick in his ass. I fucked him good and hard until I came. I pulled off the condom and he sucked my dick clean. I got up, got dressed and left. Ive never talked to him again but It was an awesome first time with a guy.
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