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Anonymous writes:
     I finally got to eat my first pussy!

I wanted to for so long, so I finally mustered up the courage and replied to a post on craigslist. We exchanged a few emails with some G (maybe PG-13 :) rated pics. She certainly wasn't a model but I though she was quite cute. We met up a nearby Starbucks that Friday, talked over some coffee, and we totally hit it off!

She followed me back to my apartment, and started kissing me as soon as we got in the door. She had the most gorgeous eyes...

We stripped eachother pretty quickly while still kissing, she started kissing down my neck to my chest, but before she made her way past my breasts I stopped her. I reminded her from my emails that I was /really/ looking forward to eating my first pussy and asked her to sit on the couch. She sat down and spread her legs and I'll never forget the devilish smile on her face as she motioned for me with her finger. I was practically shaking with nerviousness and excitement.

I got on my knees and parted her smooth lips to reviel her hard clit begging for attention, to which I of course obliged. ;)
After a little 'guidance', she was moaning with pleasure... I finally made my first girl cum with my tounge. I felt awesome.
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