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Anonymous writes:
     I don't exactly get much sex in life but i figured i'd try my luck at getting some courtesy of craigslist. I found a posting of a woman 20 mins from where I live who was hinting casual sex.

We exchanged quite a few emails, and she practically guaranteed me sex with her. So, I finally drove out there 2 days later and she wasn't that good looking at all. Her pic she sent me was at a good angle, and she was a 5 at best. In life, she was a 3.

Needless to say, all she would let me do was lick her "coochie," as she kept calling it. And I shit you not... it was the most fucking filthy, vile thing I ever tasted. I wanted to puke, but I didn't. Her vagina had residue that was probably 1 degree away from being full blown smegma.

That was my first, and last experience on craigslist.
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